What is public involvement?

Many of the projects and plans relating to ecology, urban planning and mobility incorporate the participation of the social players involved into their conceptualisation and implementation processes. So, the Area of Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility promotes participation spaces that take a variety of forms: sectoral councils, monitoring committees, conferences and workshops, to name a few. The aim behind these spaces is to incorporate the practical and contextual knowledge of associations and the general public, for the purposes of enriching the projects and plans and improving public decision-making, both politically and technically.

Other policies promoted by the Area of Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility share the need for making the social players jointly responsible in their development. In such cases the visions of the associations and the public are not just incorporated but responsibility in defining and managing this policy is shared as well, as it would not be feasible without this involvement.

This section provides information on the processes for public involvement in the Area of Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility, not just the ones that enable participation in plans and projects but also those that are based on joint responsibility.

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