Superblocks - ‘Let’s fill the streets with life’

The ‘Let’s fill the streets with life’ programme. The implementation of the superblocks’ programme is part of an ongoing process of improving and transforming the public space to deal with challenges such as the scarcity of green spaces, high levels of pollution and environmental noise, road accident rates and sedentary lifestyles. In that sense they are intended to reverse the distribution of urban space between vehicles and people by giving priority to pedestrians and fostering sustainable mobility.

The programme is being implemented with the participation of local residents, associations, organisations and groups, as well as City Council experts and technicians. In fact, participation is open to anyone who is interested through meetings, events, activities and workshops, as well as the platform.

A superblock driving group is set up in each district where the programme is being implemented, consisting of a group of people and/or representative bodies, to monitor the project. The group acts as a link between the technical team and residents, validating the different stages and helping to define the participation spaces, as well as the outcomes of the participation workshops and the technical work carried out.

Public participation is present throughout the whole programme, from the initial diagnosis to implementing the actions planned.

Preliminary stage: presentation of the model

Meetings and working sessions are organised with city bodies, experts and district entities to present, enrich and approve the model’s goals and criteria. This stage has been worked on at Municipal Action Plan (PAM) sessions in the districts where the programme is being implemented.

Stage 1: diagnosis and draft plan

The aim here is to gather all the proposals, actions and interventions that are to define the superblock in question, based on the knowledge and diagnosis of local residents and groups. The stage is divided into two parts, one for collecting information and analysing the situation, and the other for making specific proposals (an action plan).

Stage 2: plans and implementation

Roll-out of the final proposal, defining the priority actions in detail, so they can be carried out. Specific participatory processes are organised, depending on the type of intervention.

You can follow the process and take part in it via this website and the platform, thus improving the traceability and transparency of the whole process.


Government Measure on Superblocks

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