Licensing Procedures

Certificate of lawfulness for constructions or housing: Certificate necessary to prove the legality of a building or dwelling in order to obtain the certificate of occupancy. This certificate reflects only that the building is covered by a license.

Urban allotment license: License authorizing the division of an existing plot once proved that it complies with current regulations.

License of horitzontal divisionl: License to move from a vertical to a horizontal division in a property. A vertical property means that the entire building is a single unit. Condominium means that the building is divided into dwellings and premises. It is necessary in order to sell dwellings or premises individually.

Certificate for non-requiriment of license of horitzontal division: Certificate to be ordered, in some cases, when it is necessary to segregate properties and it is not necessary to fragment or split horizontally, for example to make a road transfer to the city council or group properties from a site subdivision. In case of horizontal division, it applies if the proposed division was already included in the building permit construction of the building.