Laberint d’Horta Training Centre

The municipal facility specialising in gardens and landscaping. It began operations in 1993 in the restored section of the palace in the Laberint d'Horta Gardens, to serve as a base for the continued training of gardening enthusiasts, while also offering ongoing training for fashion and technical staff.

At the service of gardening and landscaping.

In order to fulfil the training needs of a range of sectors, professionals, technical staff and enthusiasts, the Laberint Training Centre offers programmes and methodologies suited to each target group, incorporating the latest technical and environmental advances.

For enthusiasts, the centre offers a wide range of courses of different themes, durations and formats, to fulfil the expectations of anyone wishing to start out or develop their theoretical and practical knowledge through principles of sustainability in gardening, gardens and landscaping.

To develop the knowledge and skills of managers, technical and professional staff responsible for the green spaces and landscape of the city, the centre organises specialist focused courses at different levels, talks and technical seminars.

The installations themselves, the library specialising in gardening, gardens and landscapes, the gardens of the Laberint d'Horta, the plant nurseries, the machines and materials available at the centre all allow high-quality theoretical and practical training to be delivered.The involvement of noted professionals from the city council and associations, along with professionals from the world of plants and business, and specialists from university and research institutions, offers students the added bonus of drawing on their experience and the technical advances seen in each specialist field.

Other activities

The Environment and Urban Services Department organises gardening workshops on the first Sunday of each month, along with guided tours of the city parks for all segments of society. For further information, you should consult the "Fes de casa teva un jardí" ["Make your house a garden"] programme and the "La Fàbrica del Sol" activity programme.

Laberint Training Centre Library

The Laberint Training Centre Library, sited at an unnumbered address on Carrer de Germans Desvalls, alongside the Laberint d'Hort Park, is a leading institution specialising in gardening and landscaping.Its document collection is based on specialist publications, reference works, periodicals and technological standards in the field of gardening and landscaping. In all it holds more than 3304 volumes and receives 33 specialist journals.

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