Parc de la Ciutadella recreational environmental space for families

Laludo de la Ciutadella is an educational environmental facility, a free space for family participation aimed at families with children aged 0 to 5.

Working from the perspective of Environmental Education and respectful child mentoring, we promote free play and active participation in nature conservation and spreading sustainability culture, which we regard as driving forces for learning, thereby promoting environmental, positive community and respectful child-mentoring values, both with the environment and other users.

Its privileged location in the heart of Parc de la Ciutadella offers a natural environment guaranteeing contact with greenery and biodiversity. We work in environmental education from a broad perspective that provides for aspects relating to greenery and biodiversity, health, the circular economy and natural resources and also the cultural and social arena.

We offer activities, workshops and exciting proposals based on the interests and curiosities of the children themselves, and in close collaboration with users who fill the space with life, creativity, connections and support networks. 

 “Our mission is not to fill up spaces but to provide spaces for children to fill and make their own”

What will you find there?

Outside space, which is transformed every day with psychomotricity equipment and different games, and a water and cultivated nature space during the summer.

Inside play space with toilets and a changing room, featuring story-telling corners, board games, construction games, natural elements for the senses, a music suitcase, and so on.

A professional team of educators in charge of Laludo de la Ciutadella, who look after the space and fill it with fun play ideas. 

Recreational resources including games, structures, materials, books, paintings and so on, designed for play and creativity, chosen according to sustainability and re-use criteria, with natural materials and educational content.

In addition, we will soon be making a new application for funds to create “A walk through the mysteries of Ciutadellla, a self-guided discovery route for the whole family!”, an adventure through the park to discover its most hidden spots and secrets.

In sum...

What do we do?

  • Environmental education

What are our goals?

  • Promoting environmental values
  • Promoting values based on positive community life
  • Respectful child mentoring

How we do it

  • We encourage free play
  • We encourage active participation in nature conservation and spreading sustainability culture.

Advice and rules

  • Children must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Games must be looked after, shared and collected between everyone.
  • Bicycles and pets are banned from entering.
  • No smoking or drinking or consumption of other narcotic drugs is allowed.
  • Access to schools and play centres is limited to the number of places established.
  • The number of user places in the inside space is limited to twenty. Prams may not be left there and eating is not allowed either.

Further information