Font Màgica or "Magic Fountain"

Font Màgica is the main element of the set of waterfalls and ponds in Maria Cristina, ranging from the National Palace to Plaça Espanya in Montjuïc. It is a spectacular and very popular fountain noted for its water, sound and light performances. In this great fountain 2600 liters of water per second flow into three concentric pools with a water recirculation system.

Water from Font Màgica and the top three waterfalls comes from the underground thanks to the connection with the groundwater network from Montjuïc mountain.

It was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1929 by Carles BuÏgas in the place where the Four Columns by Puig i Cadafalch were demolished in 1928. With very artisanal methods, he managed to use up to thirty water sets with different colors.

During the 80s music was included, and shortly before the Olympic Games in 1992, the fountain was completely restored. However, it keeps much of the original mechanisms.