Renew your toys

There are times during the year in which the number of toys bought increases considerably, one of which is Christmas. Advertising has an important role in this, encouraging people to always buy the latest things. Renew your toys aims to provoke change in the way we consume, making it more responsible and coherent with a lifestyle that respects social and environmental values.

This initiative to promote conscious consumption and waste prevention takes place in December, offering an alternative to Christmas shopping, and in May.

The dates of the next edition are: from 8th of Novembre to 22nd of December 2021. Check out the leaflet for the last edition using this link.

These exchanges allow us to reuse, share and consume more responsibly:  GO ZERO WASTE!


How it works

Choose from the exchange spaces that can be found across the whole of Barcelona and take your toys there.

In return, you’ll receive ‘Renoves’ coupons with a corresponding score which can later be exchanged for other toys you like the look of at any point in the network. Find out about each exchange point's collection and exchange days. There are lots to choose from!

The toys and games that another boy or girl doesn't use anymore can be enjoyed by your child for longer!


You can bring up to 10 toys or games per child. But watch out! More than five story books will not be accepted. The toys must be clean and in good condition. Any that are dirty, broken or damaged will be discarded. No warlike or sexist toys are allowed, nor stuffed toys or other toys sold as promotional gifts. We recommend that you bring batteries from home.

All toys must have the CE symbol, meaning that they comply with European safety regulations.

On exchange days you can take home up to 10 toys or games.

Renoves coupons from other years can’t be used, which is why we advise you not to get rid of all of your toys and games each season. Use them consciously!


Scoring system



Stories for little ones:
Small books and albums, etc...
(Limit: up to five).


Stories for older ones:
Hardback books, with lots of pages, etc.


Small toys:
At least three of the same type together to make a set. The set will be scored.
(tools, fruit, mini-cars, cooking utensils, etc...)


Medium-sized toys and games:
Vehicles, puzzles, building games, medium-sized board games...


Large board games and fancy dress outfits


Large toys:
Kitchens, skates, tricycles, etc...


More sustainable toys and games:
Two bonus points can be added to each toy or game worth more than three points (medium and large) if it is environmentally friendly: wooden or cloth, without batteries or plastic,
(not including paper, card or stuffed toys), which stimulate creativity and respect for the environment and animals.




As well as bringing toys to the Toy Renewal, you have a few other options:

  • Take them to green points across the city. More information on the Urban Ecology website.

  • In addition, at the Fab Labs across the city you can print in 3D any parts of toys you need to repair them for free, such as buttons, wheels, laces, etc. For more information see this page.

You can find more information about toys and conscious consumption on the following pages