It is possible to modify the general public's perception in favour of prevention and reuse, by using communication strategies based on both their inherent social and environmental values, just like the most traditional economic and commercial attractions.


Exchanging, reusing, second-hand markets and making good use of left-over food, for example, are actions geared towards prevention and reduction at source; a good way to make progress in minimising waste.

Renewal and other exchanging events

In the city, there are various events where people can exchange items that they no longer use but which are in a good state of repair. Other people may be able to give these items a new lease of life.

Repair workshops and festivals

Barcelona City council is launching a repair-workshop programme at civic and neighbourhood centres. The programme is intended to provide citizens with the necessary knowledge for repairing their own pcs, mobiles, tablets etc., and small electric appliances such as irons, toasters and blenders.

Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption takes into account social, economic and environmental consequences of the product or service to be purchased. Consumers should be aware of the environmental and social impact generated by the consumption and act accordingly to try to reduce it.



One of the core features of the “Zero Waste” strategy is based on promoting repairs as a preventative tool for extending the useful life of appliances. Reparatruck is a mobile repair service that fosters appliance repairs while promoting waste prevention.