Revamping young people's clothes

We all want to be part of building a more sustainable world and where better to start than by thinking about the number of clothes we have, how much we use them and the new life they could have in someone else’s hands?

With this philosophy, the Revamp your wardrobe initiative was created to promote responsible consumption, sustainability and waste prevention in the use of clothes among young people, from 12 to 35 years old through clothing exchanges. This initiative will take place in organisations and facilities for young people across the city and aims to show that sustainable fashion can become a reality.

The upcoming dates are: from 3rd to 31st of May. Check out the leaflet for the next edition using this link.

Clothes that you don’t use anymore can still be an asset.

Mending and swapping clothes is good for people and the environment:  GO ZERO WASTE!

How it works

Choose from the exchange spaces that can be found across the whole of Barcelona this season and take your clothes there.

In return, you’ll receive ‘Renoves’ coupons with a corresponding score which can later be exchanged for other clothes you like the look of at any point in the network. Take a look at the collection and exchange days for each point.

Clothes that are not going to be used by someone else can be enjoyed by you for longer!


You can bring up to 10 garments. But watch out! More than two jackets or coats will not be accepted. The clothes must be clean and in good condition, with no holes, missing stitches or stains. You can only donate clothing, not shoes, underwear or household linen.

On clothes swapping days, participants can take away up to 10 items, except for jackets and coats, for which there is a maximum of two.  The same applies to baby clothes.

Renoves coupons from other years can’t be used, which is why we advise you not to get rid of all of your clothes each season. Make conscious buying decisions and only pick up the clothes that you really need.

Only clothes from people aged 12 to 35 can be exchanged.


Scoring system



T-shirts and accessories


Sweaters, shirts and lightweight jackets


Trousers, dresses, skirts, suits, outfits


Thick jackets and coats (maximum of two)




Things you can do with clothes you no longer use:

  • Use them to make other new, imaginative outfits. For example, in our complementary customisation and upcycling activities.

  • You can also take them to one of the Roba Amiga containers found in the streets or at green spots around the city. For more information see this page.

In addition, at the Fab Labs across the city you can customise your clothes with buttons, buckles, brooches or patches designed by you and manufactured using digital manufacturing machines such as 3D printers, digital embroiderers or laser cutting. For more information see this page.


When it comes to buying clothes...

  • Do you ask yourself if you really need it?

  • Do you know that second-hand is the most sustainable option?

  • Do you pick clothes with added social or environmental value?

  • Do you know that there are places where you can repair your clothes for free and learn to sew?

You can find the location of second-hand shops, sustainable fashion stores and places where you can repair clothes on the More Sustainable Barcelona Map. Find your closest place and, if you see that somewhere is missing, you can add it to the map or add a point to an existing route.

You can also find more information about socially sustainable fashion on the following pages: