Reference framework

Today's electric cars offer an opportunity to drastically reduce, not only pollutants in the air that contribute to climate change but also, noise pollution in the city and associated health problems. Even so, the use of electro-mobility in cars and by road-transport operators remains relatively low due to a series of challenges. The European Commission has decided to fund the Hyper-Network for Electro-Mobility (NeMo) project under the “Electric vehicles’ enhanced performance and integration into the transport system and the grid” work programme, within the Horizon 2020 framework. Acting through two third parties, the IMI and Barcelona Regional, Barcelona City Council is taking part in the incorporation of innovative solutions in managing its electro-mobility services to improve the quality of life of its citizens.


The NeMo project, which is part of a series of initiatives being run by the European Commission, some of which combine technological innovation and research, participatory processes and mobility enhancement in the various means of transport -, aims to boost the market share of electric vehicles through methods such as, increasing accessibility to charging points, ICT services and wider B2B interconnectivity.

The objective of this project is to create a Hyper-Network of new and existing tools, models and services that provide seamlessly interoperable electric-mobility services, creating an open, distributed and widely accepted ecosystem for electro-mobility. The aim is to bring about a successful interoperability model for a roaming system (as with mobile telecommunications) within the domain of electro-mobility services, paving the way for a pan-European e-roaming framework.

The Hyper-Network's connections will be based on a dynamic translation of data and service interfaces according to the specific needs of the local environments and participants involved in the project. That way, existing services and data repositories will be integrated in a cost-efficient and continuous way.

The IMI will provide support by defining the operators (taking into account their needs and use cases); and the planned routes for electric-vehicle drivers, in a pilot test that will be carried out through the technical integration and verification of the Hyper-Network in Barcelona (a series of specifications that involve ICT services at the service of the city) and the regulatory elements necessary for ensuring the Hyper-Network's sustainability.

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