Repair networks

A significant part of the waste we generate can be given a new lease of life. In this area, it is worth noting the work done by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area's Environmental Body, with its "Better than new, 100% old" and "Repaired, better than new" campaigns.

"Better than new, 100% old" offers different ways of prolonging the life of things and generating less rubbish. On its website, there are repair workshops, second-hand shops and markets; you can learn how to repair things at their "Repaired, better than new" workshops or exchange what you no longer want for something you need. Take a look at the campaign website for more information.

"Repaired, better than new" is an initiative promoted by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area to foster the repair of items that have not reached the end of their useful lives and which can be reused without any problems after being repaired. Take a look at the campaign website for more information.

The initiative provides you with a place, the necessary tools and qualified personnel to help you repair, optimise or change the appearance of an object or appliance that no longer works.

The aim is to reduce the volume of waste and the amount of human pressure on the environment, along with discovering new techniques for optimising our belongings, while saving money, and covering all the Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Repair).