Who is a consumer?

The Consumer Code of Catalonia (Act 22/2010, of 20 July, on the Consumer Code of Catalonia) defines CONSUMERS as natural or legal persons who act under the framework of consumer relations in an environment outside any professional or business activity.

Having come into force on 1 April 2015, Act 20/2014 of 29 December on the amended Consumer Code of Catalonia, extends its protect to cover freelance workers and micro-enterprises in their consumer relations with companies supplying basic and utility services.

To be regarded as a micro-enterprise under Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC, of 6 May, the enterprise must have fewer than 10 workers or an annual turnover of under 2 million euros.

The Consumer Code of Catalonia grants certain rights to consumers that are fundamental and incapable of being waived, so any agreement to exclude them is null and void. 


Basic consumer rights

  1. Right to health and safety protection
  2. Right to protection of their financial and social interests
  3. Right to compensation and repair for any harm or damage
  4. Right to legal, administrative and technical protection
  5. Right to information, education and training 
  6. Right to representation, consultation and participation
  7. Language rights