The OMIC continues to provide its services to the public electronically and through the 010 phone service. Claims and enquiries will continue to be dealt with online. Queries requiring face-to-face assistance will be dealt with Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm, with prior appointment.

Who is a consumer?

Under Act 22/2010 of 20 July 2010 on the Consumer Code of Catalonia, consumers are natural or legal persons acting within the framework of consumer relations in an area outside a professional or business activity.

The entry into force of Act 20/2014 of 29 December 2014 amending the Consumer Code of Catalonia on 1 April 2015 extended the protection to self-employed people and micro-enterprises in their consumer relations with companies that provide basic and ongoing services.

In order to be considered a micro-enterprise under Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC of 6 May 2003, the business must employ fewer than 10 people or have an annual turnover of under €2 million.

The rights granted to consumers by the Consumer Code of Catalonia are basic and inalienable, and any agreement that purports to exclude them is null and void. 

Basic consumer rights

  • Right to health and safety protection
  • Right to the protection of social and economic interests
  • Right to compensation and reparation of damages
  • Right to legal, administrative and technical protection
  • Right to information, education and training 
  • Right to representation, consultation and participation
  • Language rights