The OMIC continues to provide its services to the public electronically and through the 010 phone service. Claims and enquiries will continue to be preferably dealt with online. For those inquiries or complaints that require face-to-face attention, you must make an appointment in advance on the municipal procedures portal, by calling 010, or at the Municipal Procedures Kiosk.

Barcelona City Council supports local commerce in the face of vandalism

Barcelona City Council supports local commerce in the face of vandalism

Insurers. The Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) provides support and information on how to make a claim with insurers or the CCS.

Damage can be differentiated between “ordinary damage” and “extraordinary damage”. Damage due to vandalism is considered “extraordinary damage”.

Anyone who has private property damage insurance is insured with two insurance companies at the same time:

  • with their own insurer, covering “usual risks” such as fires, electrical damage, impacts, etc.
  • with the Consorci de Compensació d’Assegurances (Insurance Compensation Consortium, CCS in Spanish), which deals with other “less common” functions and risks, among which are the “extraordinary risks” and the damage caused due to violence from vandalism.


What should you do in the event of an accident?

First of all you need to check if the contracted policy is multi-risk and covers acts of vandalism.

If you have any questions about the policy, you can email the OMIC of Barcelona (, which will advise you on the conditions of the policy taken out.

If the contracted policy covers extraordinary damages, it must be claimed from the insurance company and/or the CCS.

  1. The insurance company or the CCS must be notified within 7 calendar days from the moment you became aware of the damage, as long as the policy does not set another longer term.
  2. All insurance policies give one customer service phone number. You can consult the directory of insurance companies here.
  3. The insurance company will then start researching and gathering expertise, necessary to check the claim and determine the amount of damage.
  4. In the case of extraordinary risks, you may also request information and/or submit the claim for compensation directly to the CCS by calling 900 222 655 or 952 367 042. You can phone between 9 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday. The minimum data required to apply for compensation are:
    1. Policy details, insurance company and policy number
    2. Holder details and contact details
    3. Bank details
    4. Inventory of damage

At the end of the telephone conversation, a record number will be provided to identify the file for follow-up and other information. You can also do this on its website


Companies’ rights as consumers

The Consumer Code also considers self-employed workers and micro-enterprises (businesses employing fewer than 10 employees and with an annual turnover or annual balance sheet not exceeding €2 million) to be consumers.

Therefore, and in accordance with its powers, the OMIC can provide information and advice on contractual relationships between commercial establishments and companies providing basic and ongoing services, such as utilities (water, electricity or gas), telephony, insurance and taking out banking products or financial services.


In case of disagreement with the insurance company

You can call the number for incidents and claims from the insurer (Customer Service or Customer Ombudsman) for free and make a claim. In this case, remember to ask for the corresponding reference number. Also, you can submit the claim to the physical address found in both the contract and the invoices.

If no response has been received within 30 days, or the response is unsatisfactory, please contact the OMIC of Barcelona on its website or by email (, which will provide help and support for local commerce when in doubt and making claims to insurers.

Claims regarding the insurer can also be addressed to the Direcció General d’Assegurances i Fons de Pensions (General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds). You can download the claims form here.

For more information related to consumer rights, please contact the OMIC of Barcelona, Carrer de la Ronda de Sant Pau 43, baixos, by making an appointment.