Dog friendly areas

What are they?

Public space is a place for living together and sharing. Therefore, it must be equipped with the necessary elements to make this possible. A very important element is dog friendly areas.

Barcelona has always been committed to a peaceful coexistence between people and pets. For this reason, a part from the standards to be met by dog ​​owners in order to exercise responsible and civilised ownership, the city contributes with specific services, such as areas where pets can run, play and do relieve themselves.

Barcelona has currently more than 100 areas for dogs and almost the half of them are dog friendly ares with medium dimensions which range between 300 to 400m2.

Location of dog friendly areas


How are they?

Dog friendly areas are spaces which foster relationship between them and even among owners who share their love for these animals. In short, they are comfortable and enjoyable places for all users.

These areas, whose average size range between 300 to 400m2, are surrounded with wooden fences of 80 cm. Inside there are benchs, dog waste bag to collect faeces, non-rust litters and a fountain which is designed so that dogs can drink without difficulty.

Dog friendly areas are landscaped with shrubs and trees that adorn the space and shade benches areas. The surface is made of coarse sand and has an sprinkler irrigation system.

Next to the access door there are signposts which inform the owners about the obligation to collect faeces and thus contribute to the maintenance of good conditions of the area. These signposts also include the disinfection dates.

There are other areas surrounded by fences for smaller dogs. They are aimed at ordering evacuations of dogs in public areas.


Maintaining dog friendly areas

Maintenance of dog friendly areas includes several efforts and its frequency depends on the needs of each specific task

Everyday dog friendly areas and dog toilets are cleaned and faeces which have not been cleaned by pets owner are removed. This daily work also includes emptying bins, sweeping and removing any waste and replacing bags.

This daily monitoring of dog friendly areas enable to detect those damages from playing, especially when dogs scratch and make holes in the pavement. It is repaired with coarse sand.

In order to prevent odors and dust, these spaces are watered regularly. Moreover, every month and during the night, they are disinfected with a completely harmless product which has antibacterial properties, fungicides and viricides.

Maintenance of these areas also includes landscaping work with adorning plants and preparation of urban furniture (benches, litter bins and pictograms) when necessary.

Friendly Dog Areas Treatments: