Management of trees

Management of Street Trees includes criteria and measures for integrated management and sustainable. This local programme focuses on quality supervision and gradually diversifies the percentage of each species of the city (in order to avoid the historical dominance of bananas, for example). Besides, it gradually introduces new species which can be adapted to the specific conditions of urban environment.

Management of Street Trees ensures that all interventions involving trees mean an increase in vegetative quality and promotion of biodiversity.

Trees Browser

In the streets of Barcelona there are over 150 species and tree cultivars. Each one of them provides different colours, fragrances and foliages identity and contributes to our streets identity while improving environmental conditions. It's not easy to choose a tree for our gardens, parks and streets since we have to bear in mind not only the characteristics of species, but also the growing environment in order to meet the key principal regarding the suitable tree for the right place.

This browser is aimed at facilitating the selection of trees from a series of morphological, aesthetic and cultivation parameters. It is a tool for experts and professionals who work in the public areas, as well as for citizens, aiming to promote knowledge and a better management of trees in Barcelona as part of its public and private heritage.

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