ACTIC accreditation

ACTIC (Accreditation of Skills in Information and Communication Technologies) is the accreditation certificate for digital skills issued by the Generalitat (Catalan government).

Through ACTIC, the certificate holder can provide any public or private body with evidence of their ICT skills .

Many of the courses that are offered at libraries are based on ACTIC skills.

To get a certificate you need to sit an automated evaluation test at a collaborating centre. Once completed, the system will display the result ("suitable" or "not suitable"). To participate you need to be over 16 at the time of taking the test and you need to pay the legally established fee. You will find information on the procedure to obtain the accreditation on the ACTIC portal.

The libraries that are ACTIC collaborating centers and make them facilities and resources available for taking the evaluation test:

Biblioteca Ignasi Iglésias - Can Fabra