Specialist collections

In addition to the basic collections, common to all libraries, there are others that have paid particular attention to a specific theme. These are the specialist collections, some of which are connected to films.

This library specialises in the seventh art, so you will find books, films, sound tracks, magazines and more there, and it organises film-related activities as well.

The legacy of a donation from the family of the actor, theatre director and director of Barcelona's Grec Festival, this is a collection that features every type of trend in films.

This library offers you some of the best documentaries intended to portray social reality here, as well as the great classics in this genre.

This library offers you the best selection of documentaries by subject matter, as well as information on the main directors.

This library aims to make documentaries more accessible to the public, offering a wide collection with a very varied range of topics, from musicals to first person and politics.

This library has a wide range of animated films created from cartoons and by stop-motion, computer and photogram sequences.