We at Barcelona Libraries aim to arouse your musical curiosity, help you to broaden your knowledge of music and get you to discover little-known or minority musical genres and artists.

All music genres are represented, including new releases and new trends, as well as the works considered to be classics in each genre. The main medium used is CDs, but there are also music DVDs and vinyl records. Besides these basic collections, which are common to all libraries, there are others devoted to a specific theme which are known as specialist collections.

You will also find unique music projects, such as the Vapor Vell Library's maquetoteca, a collection of music demos made up of over 4,000 items that bears a unique testimony to Barcelona's music activities and musical heritage from the 1980s to the present day.

To promote these specialist music collections and raise the profile of local musicians, some libraries have been working with Spotify. You can subscribe to it here!

Remember that if you go to the library, you can enjoy a variety of activities, for adults and children alike.