Music collection

Music collections at Barcelona Libraries are essentially made up of works regarded as classics within the various music genres. These collections continue to be updated, so they can offer a selection of the latest music recordings on the market, while taking into account the outstanding quality and added value in music history.

You will find the following in libraries:

- Popular and national music from around the world, including folk music, which ranges from traditional to contemporary popular, folk songs, ritual and religious music, political and protest ballads and songs, and flamenco.
- Music with popular roots such as jazz and blues, which also includes gospel, swing, soul, funk and rhythm and blues.
- More contemporary genres such as pop and rock, together with disco, rap, heavy metal, punk, new wave, techno and country and western music.
- Classical music, whether chamber and orchestra or vocal, and sacred or profane music, such as operas and cantatas.
- New music languages, such as natural recorded sounds, electronic music and on computers, minimalist music, and improvised music.
- You will also find other types of sound recordings such as show music, music comedies and circuses, sound tracks, ambient music, etc.
- Not to mention children's songs and music.

If you have any queries, you can visit the information desk at your local library, where staff will help you to find all you need.