How to become a Biblioteques de Barcelona volunteer

To register, you must be of legal age and visit any Barcelona library in person.

Who can be a volunteer?

To take part in the Home Delivery and Reading Service: anyone keen to help someone with temporary or permanent mobility difficulties (chronic illnesses, people in convalescence, people with physical disabilities, elderly people etc.) The service may also be offered at day centres and residences.

Other services: people who wish to help a child with their school homework, library projects with immigrants, etc.

No specific training is required, just the ability to read Catalan and Spanish correctly.

What do volunteers have to do?

A volunteer's main task is to carry books, magazines, CDs and videos from public libraries to the home, residence or day centre of the person who has requested the service. In some cases they will be expected to read out aloud to the person(s) requesting the service.

When it comes to support for school homework and other projects, it is important to bear in mind some of the attitudes of the children. A volunteer is expected to provide support for their requests and needs and make an effort to listen and act with patience and perseverance.

Building up a good relationship based on confidence will help you to discover the interests of the people taking part and make your suggestions based on those interests.

How much time do volunteers devote to their volunteering work?

Volunteering work can be done any day, Mondays to Fridays, from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm, depending on the volunteers' availability. We will ask you about your availability timetable when you register with the programme.

What do we offer volunteers?

· Volunteering is an enriching experience.
· Volunteers have a range of materials at their disposal and are provided with training throughout the programme.
· They also receive accreditation and certification for their participation as a Biblioteques de Barcelona volunteer.
· They are covered for any risks arising from the activity they are carrying out as a volunteer and for any damage they may cause third parties from that activity.
· Any transports expenses that may arise from their volunteering activity are paid for.

Where does the volunteering work take place?

Home-delivery and reading sessions take place in the home, day centre or residence of the person making the request for the home-delivery and reading service. Volunteers provide school-homework support in libraries.

What do I need to do if I wish to become a volunteer?

Visit your nearest library. You must fill in a registration file, giving your personal data and availability times. Where that library has no volunteering projects, you will be referred to the nearest library that does.