Online procedures

The catalogue lets you consult the libraries' available collections. If you wish to limit your search to Barcelona city libraries, you need to choose Barcelona city in the basic search, but you can also limit it further to a district. If you wish to limit your search to a specific library, you have to use the advanced search and choose the library. Once you have your results you can reserve items, save the results in your personal account or in a file, send it by email and assess items.

You can see your current, completed and missed sessions as well as your printed copies on online computers. You can also transfer your printing credits to the Multimedia Area computers.

You can see your current, completed and missed sessions as well as your printed copies. You can transfer your printing credits to online computers and you can see your pre-enrolled, registered and completed training courses in the Multimedia Area.

You can suggest buying a book, CD, DVD, journal, magazine, etc. that is not in your library. Your purchase will depend on the procurement policy of the library.

Multimedia spaces offer a heap of courses and workshops to know and to explore all possibilities that they have to themselves. It is necessary to register there previously, since the posts are limitated.

You can access to the particulars from your personal place, renew the loans, reserve documents that are lent, access to the surgery of the catalog, keep the favorite searches, consult your record of loans and appraise documents.

identification card of libraries of Barcelona can be requested from the web site, it is only necessary to fill the form, to indicate in which library you want to pick up it and to send it. You have to present the DNI (or any other official document) to prove your identity. If you are minors of 14 years, you have to bring an authorization that they will give you in|on the library and that your parents have of signar.

You will be able to know which are the new items acquired by any of the Municipal libraries of the Library Network of the province of Barcelona.

Users of the libraries of Barcelona, can receive regularly information of the activities and of the offers in exhibitions|exposures, cinemas, theaters, concerts, books, ...

To reserve the computers of internet or of the spaces multimedia from the same library or from any computer being connected to internet.