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A doorstep library service for senior citizens and people with reduced mobility and anyone who is self-isolating

Barcelona’s municipal libraries are offering a doorstep library service for all those library users who have mobility problems or reduced vision. All you need to do to access the service is to contact your local library and they will ensure you receive the documents you have requested on loan.

Remember that the city's library network also offers an audio reading telephone service.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with temporary or permanent mobility problems (chronic illness, people who are convalescing, people with physical disabilities, senior citizens with mobility problems, etc.). The service is also aimed at day centres, residences and care and social-medical centres.

What kind of documents, and how many, can be requested on loan?

All the documents that are usually loaned out by libraries. Magazines, novels, biographies, essays, film DVDs, music CDs, etc. A wide range to choose from. Service users ask for their choice of documents from our catalogue, and the library will bring them to their homes.

A library membership card enables people to borrow a total of 30 documents from any library in the municipal network, free of charge. Each document can be borrowed for 30 days, which can be extended for up to three months, provided that they have not been reserved by other service users.

How can I get more information?

Telephone or send an email to one of the libraries in the Biblioteques de Barcelona network.

How do you gain access to the service?

Contact your nearest library, by phone or email, and request the service. Once you have requested the service, the library will send the requested material to your home, on loan.

Service users can send us any suggestions they feel are necessary and tell us their preferences concerning the service.

When will this service be offered?

The home delivery and collection service will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9 am to 2 pm.

How do I return the documents?

Contact the library again in order to arrange collection of the documents. If you wish to request new documents on loan, you can do so at the same time.


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