Professional visits

To arrange guided visits to any of the Libraries of Barcelona, you should contact the technical secretary of the Libraries Consortium of Barcelona by e-mail to, specifying in the subject of the message; "Request for guided visit".

So as to be able to attend your request in the best way possible, you should state:

- the institution that organises the visit,
- purpose of the visit,
- which dates you foresee for the visit,
- the number of people that make up the group and their professional profiles,
- what language you will use (which languages do you understand),
- and if you have a specific interest to visit a certain library, please state which one.

Based on your details, we will propose a suitable schedule to match your needs, and that will let you get an overall vision of the Libraries of Barcelona.

Price for guided tours:

- Guided tours for groups of 5 to 15 people: 30€ (VAT not included)
- Guided tours for groups of 16 to 30 people: 50€ (VAT not included)