Works and maintenance

All the actions form part of a plan to improve the city's libraries with the aim of adapting them to the new public library model, which envisages the service as a space where citizens play a key role.

In addition to the major interventions in new facilities, extensions and relocations, the Barcelona Library Master Plan 2030 foresees the need to maintain the ordinary and extraordinary budget for preventive maintenance, functional adaptation and the improvement of existing facilities and installations.


Sant Antoni - Joan Oliver Library

The works got underway on 18 September 2023, and the library is expected to be closed until November 2024

The intervention includes numerous maintenance and conservation actions in different parts of the library, for example, elements and parts of the façades; false ceilings and interior walls, exterior paving; painting walls and ceilings, waterproofing the roof, woodwork and glazing. Also, improvements to the electrical installations and lighting; thermal insulation in parts of the façade and partition walls; replacing interior flooring with linoleum, improvements to the climate control system and entrance hall.

In addition, a whole series of functional improvements will be carried out with the remodelling of spaces and the purchase of some new furniture. This includes improvements to the children's area, where the space will be extended slightly, and refurbishment of the function room.

Imatge de la Biblioteca Sant Antoni - Joan Oliver