To publicise their music collections and local musicians, some libraries with specialist collections or centres of interest linked to music have a Spotify account.

You will be able to find lists for local groups, music relating to novels and soundtracks you can find in libraries, music from the libraries' specialist collections or relating to activities that are held in the libraries, musical selection from groups visiting the city's festivals, new developments in music and music that is played every day when the library closes.

And, for the enthusiastic among you, we can create new lists with your help!

Come in, take a look, join your local library and subscribe to the music lists that interest you the most. Enjoy the groups, singers and songs you will discover and which will no doubt amaze you.

El Gòtic is a very musical neighbourhood. On the same day we can enjoy classical guitar at the Santa Maria del Pi Basilica, a jazz trio and a flamenco singer at Plaça Reial, mixed afro-funk rhythms at Carrer dels Escudallers, a rock band underground at Plaça de Sant Miquel, and end up dancing to the most avant-garde electronica. And, what’s more, we'll be coming across musicians from the Music-in-the-Street circuit along the way. Our aim here at the library’s music collection is to reflect the whole mix of the sounds from the neighbourhood and, given our proximity to the Gran Teatre del Liceu, we have compiled a special collection dedicated to Opera.

Fancy listening to the library's latest acquisitions? Well, you can, with the library's lists of new releases, both general and monographic. You will also find recommendations from the bulletin "Imperdibles" as well as other lists on music activities, exhibitions and events. On two Saturdays a month the library sees off the week with a "one-off" music session put together for the occasion and which you can listen to on Spotify

The Fort Pienc Library has been providing a separate space for Spanish pop-rock and Spotify for years, where users will find music courses and lists on the more indie music festivals, as well as the latest works received by the library which you can listen to.

The library is creating music lists on a variety of themes, from the more generalist to the specialist, such as science and the environment, and related activities. You will also be able to listen to the latest works received by the library and the music chosen to signal the library is closing.

One of the library's specialisations is the world of cars, hence the lists of music you will find on Spotify with not just the main theme tunes from road movies but also the best representation of "high-octane music" artists. The library also has television series as one of its centres of interest, which is why we have prepared Spotify lists with the best-acclaimed series as well as all the library's latest acquisitions.

The library, which specialises in urban music, is expanding its hardcopy music collection, activities and dissemination material through Spotify. You will find "Bib Vapor up" lists with the month's new releases, lists linked to activities run by musicians and music critics, lists from music festivals and events held in Barcelona and the music librarians own list.


From the Montserrat Abelló Library we expand our music collection in physical format through Spotify. In our profile you will find everything from playlists created by our pet, the Griu, and aimed at children, to specific music capsules on science fiction soundtracks, music created from self - made instruments, lists on the various festivals of music that is made in our city or periodic selections under quality criteria. We want these small recommendations to be doors that allow our users to discover new sound universes.

Are you an opera lover? If so, you'll certainly be thrilled by the lists you will find in this library, which specialises in the genre. Latest releases you will find in the library as well as events, festivals and more. Everything for opera lovers to enjoy and the uninitiated to discover.

The library wants to rouse the curiosity of its users by introducing its musical collection. So you'll find musical lists with the new stuff that arrives periodically.  The library also wants to give more prominence and importance to the children's music collection by producing lists linked to kids' activities, the storytelling sessions and the Mums and Dads Corner.

Every travel has their own music, do you want to know what music contain traveling stories? Follow travel soundtracks. Many authors make a music reference inside stories they tell, the library make a selection of book soundtracks as well as for event promotions and list of the day's anniversaries.

The library plays host to concerts and talks on jazz, blues and other forms of music with North American roots. Thanks to the Spotify lists you can enjoy original music from the other side of the Atlantic. Travel to New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago with the library!

One particular song is always played in the library at 9.55 am. Spotify will let you listen to this selection. The library holds a music exhibition every two months, and now you'll be able to listen to it at home, as well as its "flamenco zone" list and new releases received by the library. The library aims to create playlists from contributions from users. Fancy taking part? As for you El Carmel artists out there, wouldn't you like us to publicise your music?

The library has a music collection specialising in ethnic and folk music, in "World Music", so you will find Spotify offering lists of Islamic music and music from sub-Saharan Africa, South-east Asia, India, the Far East, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and North America.

The main aim behind the playlists we prepare at the La Sagrera - Marina Clotet Library is to introduce our specialist collection in electronic music. Some of these lists are recommendations from our collection while others reflect the city's cultural calendar for the world of electronic music. We also put together lists on the latest developments in the record industry that we've been adding to our collection as well as a varied range of other lists, notable among which are the ones we are compiling for the "Snippets of classical music" activity.  

The library wants to encourage a taste for live music and participation in cultural events, so you will find lists of music from city and neighbourhood cultural events. You can also listen to everything that comes to the library with the what's new guides.

Popular culture needs to stay alive, so the library, which specialises in traditional and popular culture, offers users lists from popular music festivals that are held here and of upcoming concerts. If you are a library user, you can listen to the new releases received by the library before you take them out on loan, through the new release guides.

Fancy listening to music that has won a Goya, Gaudí or Oscar? Well, you can, thanks to the Xavier Benguerel Library lists because it pays special attention to the seventh art. You will also find lists featuring the most important soundtrack composers, as well as others inspired by actors and directors. And don't miss the latest issue of " Sessió contínua ", where you can listen to the new releases received by the library.