To publicise their music collections and local musicians, some libraries with specialist collections or centres of interest linked to music have a Spotify account.

You will be able to find lists for local groups, music relating to novels and soundtracks you can find in libraries, music from the libraries' specialist collections or relating to activities that are held in the libraries, musical selection from groups visiting the city's festivals, new developments in music and music that is played every day when the library closes.

And, for the enthusiastic among you, we can create new lists with your help!

Come in, take a look, join your local library and subscribe to the music lists that interest you the most. Enjoy the groups, singers and songs you will discover and which will no doubt amaze you.

The library plays host to concerts and talks on jazz, blues and other forms of music with North American roots. The "Bebop i Lula" music bulletin lets you listen to the new releases received by the library. Thanks to the Spotify lists you can enjoy original music from the other side of the Atlantic. Travel to New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago with the library!