Inter-library loan

Barcelona’s libraries bring you documents from other libraries in the Municipal Libraries Network of Barcelona province. With this service, you can borrow and return to any library documents from other libraries or mobile libraries in the Municipal Libraries Network. The estimated waiting time for materials is around one week if the document is requested at any library in Barcelona city, ​​or ten days if you request it from any of the other libraries in the province.

All the materials in the library and mobile library collection can be the subject of interlibrary loans except for any materials that libraries decide to exclude due to their characteristics.

The interlibrary loan system will start to operate from 18 March 2021, between the libraries forming part of the Catalonia Public Reading System (SLPC), through the At∑na collective catalogue. You can make up to two online interlibrary loan requests at a time to request documents that are not available in the libraries in your municipality.