Connectem Barcelona

Service for the support of digital needs

The Connectem Barcelona service was created to support users, enabling them to move through the digital world comfortably and with ease. Located in the Trinitat Vella - José Barbero Library, the service offers users a laptop loan service and digital support. 

Laptop Loan Service

You can borrow a laptop and take it home for a month: just go to the library's information desk and make your request. You’ll need to present your Barcelona Libraries card and your national ID card or similar current official identity document.

Laptop loans are aimed at users over 14 years of age, or children under 14 accompanied by a responsible adult.

Loan duration is 30 days, and this period can be extended up to three times, provided that there are no further reservations by other users.
These portable computers can be used for cultural, learning and general research purposes, as well as for administrative procedures and entertainment-related activities.

Consultations and personalised advice on digital procedures and tools

From 5 pm to 8 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, the Trinitat Vella - José Barbero Library's ICT advice service is available to help you with any issues you may have.

At these training sessions you will learn how to:
Open an email account and manage passwords.
Make video calls.
Use social media safely and responsibly.
Manage your digital information.
Use online research and work tools.
Carry out procedures required by the Municipal Authority (IdCAT, Cl@ve, Spanish national identity document appointments, SEPE certificates, income tax returns, IRPF certificates).