Biblioteques de Barcelona master plan

The Biblioteques de Barcelona Master Plan 2030 is part of Barcelona’s Cultural Rights Plan which, under the title “Let’s make culture”, deploys a strategy to position cultural rights as basic and fundamental rights in order to strengthen the democratic life of the city, incorporating the cultural fabric and every municipal department in the design and implementation of local cultural policies. The ninth measure is the one contained in this Master Plan.

This Plan also incorporates and assimilates the links between cultural action and strategic fields such as education, sustainability, science, gender mainstreaming, interculturality, innovation and technology, among others. For Biblioteques de Barcelona, two decades since the launch of the Consortium that manages them and after the implementation of two strategic plans, working with the numerous agents in these fields has always been key in the process of ensuring that libraries become deeply rooted in the local area, especially in terms of close collaboration with schools and the social and cultural agents in their most immediate surroundings.

This new plan is articulated in four areas:

1.Right of access to information and the generation of knowledge
2.Right to reading, writing and oral expression
3.Right to education, ongoing training and cultural literacy. Right to artistic participation
4.Right to equal access to culture and knowledge and cultural participation