Specialist collections

The libraries have specialist collections on a subject. Many are linked to the area: they deal with the tradition, interests and culture that have made a neighbourhood so unique. Some examine the history of the library they are located in, others look at the personality of the person the library is named after.

You will also find collections grouped together by interest, interest centres: groups of various materials with a common interest.

The libraries also organise activities to disseminate, promote and encourage reading, and debate on these specialist collections: meetings with authors and specialists, book presentations, exhibitions, workshops, book clubs, etc.

The Bon Pastor Library offers a wide range of resources and materials for adult education: languages, technologies, training and so on.

Readers can discover the present, future and past of the African continent at the Vila de Gràcia Library, which specialises in this field.

The Sant Pau - Santa Creu Library offers books on the history, social studies, art, food, philosophy, religion and other aspects of the Arab world, as well as an extensive selection of literary works.

The Fort Pienc Library has documents on architecture and design, both graphic and industrial, as well as on contemporary architects and designers with links to Barcelona.

The Sant Gervasi - Joan Maragall Library has a has a specialist collection on the book world: libraries and librarians, bookstores and booksellers, publishers and editors and writing. El Clot - Josep Benet Library has also a special collection on independent publishers.

The Francesc Candel Library offers information on many aspects relating to the world of cars and mobility.

Escultura catalana

The Clarà library has a section dealing with Catalan sculpture, covering all periods and styles. It also has a section on the Noucentisme artistic and literary movement in Catalonia, giving special attention to the life and work of Josep Clarà.

The libraries offer you films representing the world's many cultures as well as the great film schools and movements

Researchers and aficionados of the world of circus will discover the Nou Barris Library offers a whole collection that will satisfy their need for information.

The Sant Antoni - Joan Oliver Library has a specialist collection that includes everything from more classical collecting to the latest trends.

The Ignasi Iglésias - Can Fabra Library offers works on comic theory as well as British and American, Spanish and Latin American, European and Japanese comics.

The El Carmel - Juan Marsé Library specialises in 20th-century and contemporary novels and narratives set in Barcelona.

The Francesc Candel Library offer material dealing with this performance art from every perspective.

The Montbau - Albert Pérez Baró Library offers a quality sample of the various trends found in detective novels today and throughout history.

This archive at the Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison includes documents relating to the social aspects of fashion, designers, the history of fashion, garments, complements and special outfits and clothing.

The libraries offer you films representing the world's many cultures as well as the great film schools and movements

The Les Corts - Miquel Llongueras Library offers general information on sport and on different sports, as well as games. The Vila de Gràcia library also has a section on urban sports.

The Camp de l'Arpa Caterina Albert Library houses an extensive selection of books that boost the spirit for creativity and self-sufficiency in every aspect of life.

The libraries Vallcarca and the Penitents, Les Roquetes, Sofia Barat and Collserola - Josep Miracle collect information to enjoy a healthy life having body care and the mind.

The Jaume Fuster Library has a specialist collection where readers can find guides on countries, regions and cities, as well as travel literature and a section on excursions. You can also find information in the Sant Gervasi - Joan Maragall and Sant Martí de Provençals libraries. The Vila de Gràcia Library also has a collection on hiking and mountain.

The libraries let you learn languages at your own pace. You will find kinds of materials to help you to learn not just Catalan and Spanish but other languages too.

Sagrada Família-Josep M. Ainaud de Lasarte Library and Francesca Bonnemasion libraries have a special LGTBI-themed collection and the Nou Barris Library has a special trans identities collection. Poble-sec-Francesc Boix has also a special feminisme and LGTBIQ+ collection.

Cultura maker

The Biblioteca Montserrat Abelló is a library specialising in maker culture, the maker movement and makerspaces.

The Poble-sec - Francesc Boix Library has an educational and peace culture collection in several environments, complementing the Francesc Boix Special Collection on concentration camps.

The Esquerra de l'Eixample - Agustí Centelles Library offers material on the history of photography as well as technique, photographs and various related disciplines.

The Guinardó - Mercè Rodoreda Library has an area dedicated to poetry.

The Poblenou - Manuel Arranz Library specialises in Catalan popular culture, though it also offers material on Spanish popular culture.

The collection at the Barceloneta - La Fraternitat Library is aimed at professionals in the sector as well as bon viveurs and dilettantes The Francesca Bonnemaison Library also has a special cookery archive and the Zona Nord another on healthy food and drink.

The specialist collection at the Sagrada Família-Josep M. Ainaud de Lasarte Library deals with a variety of issues such as biodiversity, energy, housing, eco-tourism and environmental education. There is also a special collection on scientific culture and dissemination at the Xavier Benguerel library.

The Trinitat Vella-J. Barbera Library and the Zona Nord Library offer information on the main social movements in history, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

The Horta - Can Mariner Library specialises in the world of theatre, offering theatre resources and texts.

The libraries Vilapicina and the Torre Llobeta and the Library The Clotet Sagrera - Marina offer you documents about how to assemble a vegetable garden and to learn techniques of crop.

The Francesca Bonnemaison Library offers information gathered and processed from the perspective of gender.

Barcelona's libraries offer a wide range of items to help you with your job hunting and improve your professional profile.