Specialist collections

The libraries have specialist collections on a subject. Many of them are linked to the area: they deal with the tradition, interests and culture that have made a neighbourhood so unique. Some examine the history of the library they are located in, others look at the personality of the person the library is named after.

You will also find collections grouped together by interest, interest centres: groups of various materials with a common interest.

The libraries also organise activities to disseminate, promote and encourage reading, and debate on these specialist collections: meetings with authors and specialists, book presentations, exhibitions, workshops, book clubs, etc.

Bon Pastor's Library offers to adults a center of interest with a range of resources and materials that will allow them to complement their training.

Africa is a continent of almost boundless diversity. The Vila de Gràcia's Library houses a documentary collection specialized in this geographical area of ​​the planet. It also programs activities that will help us learn about the diversity and cultural, historical and social richness of this territory.

The historical and cultural ties between the two shores of the Mediterranean are a reality that is reflected in the specialization of Sant Pau's — Santa Creu's Library, whose collection brings Arab culture closer to our society.

Arquitectura i disseny

A city like Barcelona, ​​so closely linked to architecture and design, must have a library specialized in these subjects. In the Fort Pienc's Library you will find an exhaustive collection about it.

Llibre i lectura

At Sant Gervasi — Joan Maragall's Library, the specialization revolves around books and reading. It is made up of documents that refer to the history of books and the taste for reading, among other topics. The B. El Clot - Josep Benet  Library has the collection Small publishing houses, big projects.

Automobilisme i mobilitat sostenible

The Zona Franca is a territory historically and closely linked with the automobile industries. For this reason, Francesc Candel's Library offers a specialized fund in the world of motorsport and sustainable mobility.

Escultura catalana

The Clarà's Library, named after the noucentist sculptor Josep Clarà i Ayats, houses a large center of interest dedicated to Catalan sculpture of all periods and styles.


Since 1995, the centenary of the invention of the cinematograph, Xavier Benguerel's Library has hosted the specialization in cinema. The library is located in a neighborhood, Poblenou, traditionally closely linked to this art, given that audiovisual studios, sets and film and television production companies proliferate there.


The Ignasi Iglesias— Can Fabra's Library has an extensive and exhaustive documentary collection specialized in comics, where you can find works of different genres, styles, trends and origins that are aimed at children, young people and adults. The Gabriel García Márquez Library has the Francisco Ibañez special fund.

Barcelona as the protagonist and setting for novels is what the El Carmel — Juan Marsé's Library specialization offers, which has an exhaustive collection of Barcelona novels and narratives from the early 20th century to the present.


Aimed at all types of audiences interested in dance, both professionals and amateurs, Francesc Candel's Library has a very careful background that studies this performing art from different perspectives.

Gènere negre

Specializing in the noir genre, Montbau — Albert Pérez Baró's Library offers users an exhaustive collection that is aimed at all audiences and in which both fiction and non-fiction have a place.

Fashion has played an important role throughout history. To discover it, Francesca Bonnemaison's has a special collection and an old collection full of books and magazines that allow you to travel back in time through the different trends that have marked fashion and clothing.


The Canyelles Library houses a center of interest - with a collection made up of various media - aimed at those interested in forensic sciences and criminology.

Games and sport are the protagonists of the specialization of the Les Corts — Miquel Llongueras Library, which contains a collection that accommodates very diverse approaches to the world of sport (psychology, medicine, legislation, equipment, etc.) and the games.

With the aim of recovering artisan techniques that are part of our history and culture, the Camp de l'Arpa — Caterina Albert's Library offers people interested in handicrafts a center of interest that contains documents in various formats.

La Vallcarca i els Penitents — M. Antonieta Cot's Library, surrounded by health centers, decided to create a center of interest dedicated to healthy habits. There you will find documents that illustrate us about natural and non-aggressive methods to keep the body healthy.

The specialized collection of Jaume Fuster's Library offers all kinds of documents related to travel, as well as various useful resources for travelers.

The libraries of Barcelona make available to the public a wide range of resources for self-learning of languages ​​at different levels, made up of theoretical knowledge materials and readings. These facilities also promote conversation and language exchange groups.

Literatura llatinomericana

The Gabriel García Márquez Library, starting from the imaginary of the author of the same name, aims to make known this immense treasure trove of references, stories, chronicles, poems and reflections which make up the literary canon of Latin American literature.


The Sagrada Família — Josep M. Ainaud de Lasarte's  and Francesca Bonnemaison libraries houses a special LGTBI-themed collection. The Nou Barris Library houses a special transgender collection and the Esquerra de l'Eixample - Agustí Centelles Library houses a special fiction LGTBI-themed collection.


Cultura maker

Culture maker also has a place in libraries. Montserrat Abelló's library offers a fund in programming, robotics, prototypes, 3D printing and everything that encourages learning and creativity.


Barcelona Libraries offers its users a wide collection of music of all genres and styles. In addition, some libraries give special treatment to some genres, offering specialized collections and unique projects.

cultura de la pau

The United Nations defines the culture of peace as "a set of values, attitudes, traditions, behaviors and lifestyles, based on respect for life, the end of violence and the promotion and practice of non-violence through of education, dialogue and cooperation ”. In Poble-sec — Francesc Boix's library they have an extensive collection specialized in this field.

Since its opening, the Esquerra de l'Eixample — Agustí Centelles library specializes in photography. It has a collection that makes available to everyone, among others, volumes of artistic photographs, photobooks or publications dedicated to photojournalism.


Poetry receives special treatment in Guinardó — Mercè Rodoreda's Library. There you will find a specialized collection made up of more than seven thousand documents, which include books of poetry, studies, biographies, magazines and music poetry.

Cultura popular

The Poblenou — Manuel Arranz library has a space dedicated to the popular and cultural Catalan tradition. In this specialized fund we will find documents that revolve around different popular manifestations (such as mythology, festivals, daily life and events) or about entities and researchers.

The Barceloneta — La Fraternitat's library specialized collection in catering and hospitality is made up of documents on theoretical knowledge and fictional documents that address the professional and leisure-related aspects of these topics.


The environment receives special treatment at the Sagrada Família — Josep M. Ainaud de Lasarte's library, where they have an extensive collection specialized in biodiversity, energy, environmental education, ecotourism, etc.


Since 2020, Montserrat Abelló's library offers a collection dedicated to science fiction literature. There you can enjoy a collection that ranges from classics of the genre to new trends.

Barcelona is a city with an extensive, associative and participatory tradition. In this sense, the Trinitat Vella-José Barbero's library has, since its inception, a center of interest dedicated to social movements and the demands of civil society.


The strong theater's world roots in the Horta's district, the presence in it of various historical personalities and theatrical institutions are the reason why the Horta-Can Mariner's dedicates its specialization to theater.

Two closely related topics, farmhouses and urban gardens, are those that put make up to the center of interest of Vilapicina and Torre Llobeta's library, located in a building that combines the past of city farmhouses and the present of urban gardens in the same educational and leisure space.


The Francesca Bonnemaison's library, houses a reference space and one of the best collections specialized in women and feminisms. The Poble-sec - Francesc Boix Library houses a feminism and LGTBIQ+ special colletion.

The libraries of Barcelona offer to the users, a series of materials related to job search and continuous training that will be useful both, to access the world of work and to improve the professional profile.