Thematic reading clubs

The club proposes a series of readings and debates on works of literature that show us every side to Africa.

This reading club offers a close look at literature from the Basque Country. The club aims to present and promote literature originally written in Basque. To get things moving in the club, Catalan or Spanish editions of books will be handed out in addition to their original Basque, for anyone without knowledge of the Basque language who is interested in literature from the Basque Country.

Once a month, by videoconference, readers of Barcelona and Medellin discuss a work read on both sides of the Atlantic.

This club wants to bring reading and debate about literary works to those readers who need special editions with a large print.

This proposal wants to approach the negrecriminal genre in all its aspects.

Introduction to this genre through the books, a crime novel collection in Catalan published by Alrevés.

Classic and contemporary novels of this genre provide the basis for the club programme. In addition to reading the books we will have talks by experts and films based on black novels will also be shown.

Aimed at people with an intermediate level of Catalan who wish to read and converse in Catalan to gain fluency. This club also aims to introduce the contemporary literary tradition in Catalan.

Aimed at people who have two passions: the cinema and a love for novels of any kind.

A club for people who like watching films and want to practise their English. Participants will be able to see films featuring various genres and subjects, before discussing them in English. (Recommended level: B2).

The club offers a present-day reading of the eternal classics and a debate on their continued relevance today.

If you like reading and also enjoy knitting or crochet, this book club will interest you. The idea is for participants to listen to audio books while they knit or crochet.

We read works written in English and the dialogues about the selected works also have English as their language.

This club is a vindication of two literary genres that have become a tool for critically analysing our reality, based on a common thread: the use of fantastic elements.

We read works written in French and the dialogues about the selected works also have French as their language.

We read works written in German and the dialogues about the selected works also have German as their language.

This is a club aimed at people sharing two passions: reading and history. The sessions combine literary commentary with a look at the historical background of the books that have been selected.

We read works written in Italian and the dialogues about the selected works also have Italian as their language.

This club aims to encourage young children to read, through a choice of suitable works and offer of comments on readings under very relaxed, informal atmosphere.

A club for 13-17 year-olds who want to read and share their favourite manga.

A club for teenagers aged 12 to 17 where they read and comment on comics.

We propose a series of thought-provoking texts about finding sexual identity. Are sexual identities exclusive? Why is bisexuality a hidden identity? Why is it not as accepted as homosexuality or heterosexuality?

Individuals who take part in this club will be able to comment on science and health issues and explore them more deeply by reading a selection a books that includes not just general works of literature, with a background in scientific and technological topics, but also popular science books aimed at the public in general.

Reading based on eight Latin American authors who have created testimonial literature, chronicles and reporting.

The books we are going to be talking about in this club have one thing in common: the city of Barcelona, as the main character, a secondary character or simply the setting. We want those taking part to get to know first hand the specialist Barcelona novel collection the library has to offer them.

A club for reading, thinking about and discussing philosophical questions. We take a look at the philosophy of everyday life.

A club that offers a stimulating and critical introduction to poetry and different ways of understanding it. It is aimed at regular poetry readers and people who are not but who want to be.

A book club led by the journalist and writer Salem Zenia, which tackles the issue of refugees through literature.

People involved in this club will delve into various science topics by reading a selection of books that includes both known works of literature and popular books.

Participants will read nine books from independent publishers, which the publisher will then comment on. 

A penetrating examination of the world of theatre by reading plays. The club will read and reflect on universal classics, contemporary authors and new playwrights.

The book selection for this club is designed so you get to know different countries and discover different ways of understanding the world.

This club focuses on literature written by women.

Based on the permanent exhibition “From the World to the Museum. Product Design, Cultural Heritage”, at the Design Museum, with books featuring objects, everyday life and the domestic environment.