World of Employment

Barcelona's libraries offer a wide range of documents to help you with your job hunting and improve your professional profile. You can develop your skills in such subjects as writing CVs, online job-hunting, preparing for vocational-training entrance exams and setting up your own business.

Simply select the subject that interests you and we will tell you about the books and other documents that are available on our library network and which, of course, you can take out on loan.

Selection process

The selection process is a link between a person looking for work and a business that needs someone to fill a vacancy. Libraries enable you to keep up to date on new selection procedures and the most valued skills in the world of employment. You will also find information on the most common selection techniques: interviews, as well as selection and psychometric tests. You can also learn to draw up your own job applications and CVs.

Training and study techniques

To get a good job you need to be well trained. Libraries offer you materials that will help you to keep your knowledge up to date and improve your learning skills. For example, if you need to prepare for entrance tests for various stages of education: compulsory secondary education, medium and higher level vocational training or university, libraries can put documents at your disposal that will help you to achieve your goals. On the other hand, acquiring good study skills or improving your current ones is key to the best possible performance in the time you dedicate to acquiring your new forms of knowledge.


If you wish to create a new company and/or your own business, you will need to do some research: it is important to be familiar with the relevant legislation, the rights of self-employed workers and everything to do with marketing and entrepreneurship. When you work in a team, it is important to be clear about the role of leaders, business people and employment relations as a whole. Books on human resources and coaching are therefore important. There are opportunities for setting up a business at home or online and for teleworking and working from home.

Labour law

If you wish to find out about the laws that cover workers and business people, you will need to keep up to date with the Workers' Statute as well as legislation on work, commerce, self-employed workers, social security, employers' organisations and trade unions.