Radio Maconda

Radio Maconda is a radio project run by Biblioteques de Barcelona. The radio studio is located in the Gabriel García Márquez Library. Regular broadcasts started in February 2023.

Ràdio Maconda, Biblioteques de Barcelona’s community radio station, offers cultural programmes and educational projects. Guests have included Carlota Subirós, Màrius Serra, Cabosanroque, Miquel Cabal, Llucia Ramis, Alba Pujol, Sergi Pàmies, Eduardo Ruiz Sosa, Carlos Zanón, Rosa Ribas, David Guzman, Begoña Gómez Urzaiz, Francesc Casadesús, Claudia Ulloa Donoso, Gustavo Faverón, Javier Pérez Andújar, Gemma López, Inés Macpherson, Artur Estrada, Endika Rey, Bárbara Lennie, Anna Tarragó, Olga Merino, Miqui Otero, Andrea Genovart and the late Francisco Ibáñez, among others.

Some of the most notable programmes are: El Chinchorro, a programme that recommends books from Latin American literature; El repetidor, a programme on cultural current affairs at the libraries and in the city; Aparador intempestiu, the literary recommendation programme; Invisibles, devoted to unfindable books and small publishers; Planeta B, a space for musical hidden gems, linked to the special collection at the Vapor Vell Library; Local universal, featuring conversations with poets, activists, musicians and journalists from the city; Tinta a volum, with literary audio clips; and Interior Maconda, an interview programme directed and presented by Albert Lladó and recorded with a live audience.  On Interior Maconda, Lladó talks with leading figures from the worlds of literature, art, science and thought. Participants in the first season of the programme included Joan-Carles Mèlich, Mercè Ibarz, Frederic Amat, Clara Serra and Tortell Poltrona.

Ràdio Maconda is a participatory space, a Biblioteques de Barcelona open communication tool created by people from the libraries. One of its main goals is to host, support and develop projects for the community, which is why the radio station has worked with schools in the Sant Martí district, holding radio training workshops for students. You can listen to the special Aula Maconda programme produced by young people from ten primary and secondary schools.

Ràdio Maconda
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